Thursday, September 18, 2008


I made a personal visit to Chris' shop tonight to check the progress of the "Lemon Hauler". The little P.O.S. is shaping up into a nice little race truck! I think all of the crack needles have been found, the truck has gone on a serious diet, and confidence is still high.

The guys were there working on various projects. Dennis was welding on the cage and rear bars. Mike & Johnny were working in the cab on the seat and some wiring. Chris & Mark were working on the radiator and re-mounting the front bumper. They are a dedicated, hard-working group to get over there in the evenings, after a full day at their regular jobs, to make this project come together. Their hard work makes up for the other team members who aren't able to work on the truck. They'll have other responsibilities as the race nears.

Me? I just harrass my race buddies, run for pizza, and wish I had enough track experience to be a driver on the team. One day....


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