Thursday, October 9, 2008

Almost Ready to Go!

This evening I went over to take pics of the Lemon Hauler. Wow! It doesn't look so much like a P.O.S. anymore! The whole interior is yellow and with a small light, it would glow at night! Mark was working on something under the truck when I got there and Dennis was finishing the roof welds inside and out. Mike & Johnny mounted the seat and installed the seat belts. The window net is in place and Chris cut and installed the roll bar padding. There were a few stickers on the front quarter panels. She's looking good!! I took some pics and left to "shop" for a few items for the truck.

I came back to find Robbie and Dennis set up in Chris' office with the vinyl cutting machine. The race number had been voted on and "51" was chosen. (Also because it was one of the few that were still available.) You "Days of Thunder" fans remember that "51" was the number of the Rowdy Burns. Well, you can't have Rowdy's number without putting his name on the car. So, the driver's name on both sides of the car is "Rowdy".

The truck has been made to mildly resemble those run in the "Craftsman Truck Series." This one is appropriately named "Crapsman Truck" on the windshield and the sponsor's name on the rear quarter panels is "Crapsman Truck Racing."

Besides being called the "Lemon Hauler" which is appropriate for the white and yellow paint "scheme" and the fact that it is being built for and raced in the 24 Hours of LeMons, it has also been called the "Danger Ranger." What better to put on the tailgate of the truck but it's designation which might help ward off any potential tailgaters or bump-drafters!

I'll add the slideshow so you can see what we have so far. Be sure to sign up as a follower or just check back during next weekend for updates. I'll have the computer at the track and will be able to upload pics and do blog updates as the race progresses.

Wish us luck! We'll need plenty of it! In any event, we'll be having LOTS of F-U-N!!


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