Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting There

After a few hours of sleep last night and an early start this morning, 2/3 of the team met for breakfast at the hotel while the other 1/3 waited to get in the gates at the track with their motor homes to start setting up our pit area. A stop to fill up the Lemon Hauler and the fuel jugs with pump gas was the first order of business on the way to the track. Chris got about 6 gallons of fuel in the truck and 1 gallon spilled out from under the truck. Hmmm... Looks like we have a problem. The removable part of the metal truck bed cover that is over the fuel tank was removed and a split in the filler neck hose was discovered. Looks like a stop at an auto parts store is next.

We stopped at O'Reilly's to get hose parts, clamps, and pipe for a parking lot repair to the fuel tank. Damn! We're working on the truck and we haven't even made it to the track! Chris, Mike & Robbie went into the store and Mike came out saying he left the two design engineers to figure out how to make what they needed. A few minutes later, Chris & Robbie came out with a bag and big smiles. The guys got to work on remaking and fitting the parts & pieces. Lois Wilken went back into the store for more parts. Robbie found an outdoor outlet on the front side of the building to plug in a power saw so he could cut the pipe. Dennis gave an assist by holding the pipe while Robbie cut it. I took pictures and giggled.

The parking lot repair didn't take very long. Chris yelled out a "yee-haw" and we got back in our vehicles headed for the track. Confidence in the filler neck repair was so high that we didn't even stop at a gas station to see if it would take the fuel properly. We headed straight for MSR Houston.

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