Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday - Nighttime Repairs

A piece of tape with a couple of repair notes was placed on the windshield after the day's racing was over and the truck was backed into our pit area. (1) check the radiator; (2) repair muffler and exhaust; and (3) repair O2 sensor. When the hood was opened, another item was added to the list - (4) weld hood hinge. As some other things were looked at, two more items were added to the list - (5) fix motor mounts (that's why the shifter was running around and how the motor jumped forward to puncture the radiator); and (6) put front headlights and front grill back on.

Mark and Phil went off to the auto parts store before dinner. They came back with a Cherry Bomb muffler and a new radiator that "might" fit the truck, if it was needed. Some of the work was started before we went down to Brent's condo to eat dinner. We brought salad and bread. They were serving steak, pork chops, baked potatoes, and corn roasted in the husk. Donna "The Pie Nazi" Lyons' friend, Susan, went all out to make Mike a special pumpkin pie with a pecan topping. She made a couple of them and gave Mike one to take home.

There was a lot of work going on in the pits as the team returned to work. We weren't able to play music because Dennis had his small welding machine plugged into Mark's motor home. We figured it was a smarter idea to unplug everything to stay safe in case of any backfeed from the generator.

Strange people were seen wandering around in the paddock and a lot of them stopped and talked to us, including the BS Judges. They reassured us that they had not heard any talk of crushing the truck, which could have been BS on its own. I told them we hoped to take it home and raffle it off at our charity event to raise money for autism or something like that. It was late when we were finished. We didn't get to party as much, however we did drink. "Deejay C.W." didn't make it to the microphone and Mike didn't do that chicken dance. (That's another story in itself.) We all went to sleep pretty tired, but looking forward to another great day of racing.


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