Friday, August 8, 2008

The Entry Application

Apparently, there are a lot of people who want to drive low-buck crappy cars wheel-to-wheel at high speeds, so we had to submit something that might help get us accepted. Here's what our Team Captain submitted:

"As our name suggests, we are are all profesionals at what we do, but when it comes to racing, we are all club racers/car guys at heart. Fun is priority 1. We have an OB/GYN (in case anyone gets pregnant during the event); an orthodontist (well, in case anybody needs any teeth put back); a Smoothie King operator (they are darn tastee); a drycleaner (to get rid of all the evidence); a general contractor (he will be the guy that digs the hole); an attorney (he assures us he is the kind that wears the white hat); and, oh yeah, just in case anything goes wrong with the car, we also have a mechanic shop owner and his son. We seem to have all the bases covered and are all in agreement that if this event is half as much fun as it seems on YouTube, we are going to fit right in. We would like the opportunity to bring some of our New Orleans fun to your event and see just how long we can make a piece of crap, but safe, sled go round and round."

The deadline for entries is August 11, 2008. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope we get in! Chris, Marshall, Phil, Mike, Robbie, Mark, Johnny and Richard.

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