Sunday, August 24, 2008




Project LEMON HAULER : AKA L M N H A L R is about to get underway. If you want to see a vision of the goal, just Google '95 Ranger road race pics and you’ll get the idea. I am picking up the lemon on Monday and plan to get started as soon as possible. Plan is to work on the truck a few hours a week in the evening, usually Monday, Thursday and Fridays for a couple of hours each as to not interfere with family time.

Gutting and relocating is obviously first on the agenda and then we install the safety cage. Any ideas on set up and suspention mods will be greatly appreciated and I will let you know what Saturday morning we are going to install the seat so you can be there to make sure you can get comfortable. On the list of pieces parts we need, a removable steering wheel coupling with wheel and a power disconnect switch are items we have yet to aquire.

Only 52 days till we lemon!

Chris Wilken

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