Friday, August 29, 2008


EMAIL TO TEAM (Prior to Hurricane Gustav)


Just a quick update before we shut this down for a couple of days. Carver has come through again on the information side setting us up with a pre-bent hoop from Clausen's so our cage fabrication just got 50% easier. I plan to go pick it up Saturday morning along with the three lengths of additional tubing we will need to complete the cage. I got the reminder e-mail from LeMons that the due date for payment is Sept 1. I will send our fees in to assure our spot so if you guys could send your portion to me, that would be cool.

On the truck front, the front cap is off along with some miscellaneous weight that really did not need to be there. After making the hoop template, I removed the top for ease of installation. I left the AC and PS for one of you guys. It has a serpentine belt system on it and there is a tensioner between the crank, water pump and alternator but I am not sure we can get a belt that short. I’ve never seen one that short before. I chopped a coil and a half off the two front springs to lower the front end and with the help of our newest team member, Dennis Gros (taking Dr. Marshall's place), removed the bed, four leafs out of the rear springs, and set up for our mono leaf rear suspension system. Dennis is fabricating the upper spring perch.

It seems like every time I turn around, this little truck is giving us another advantage. Example: The fuel cell is already boxed in between the frame rails on the sides and the rear axle from the rear. The fuel pump and fill are on top. With the center section of the bed cut out,(which we were going to do anyway for weight) a fuel pump change will be as easy as changing an air filter. Also, the orientation of the filler neck, with just a piece of rubber hose, can be relocated to the top of the bed through the tonneau cover allowing the entire driver's side to get caved in and still have no worries about putting fuel in. If you have a minute, "YouTube” 24 lemons and view the footage from Carolina Motorsports park to see what we will be facing.

One last note, once this weather decides what its going to do, I’ll get with you guys and see what kind of shape your schedules are in. We basically have a few suspension mods, dietary concerns (for the truck, that is) and install the cage and creature comforts and we are in supply and decoration mode. October 4th track day would be a great shake down if you guys are up for it!

Take care and stay in touch,
Chris Wilken

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